Day Off

We're going to the park!!!!!!!!

Apparently it's the Aberdare show today with jazz band competition! The show opens at 11am with funfair rides, falconry displays and other such junk to remove your money from your pockets without you thinking too much about it. At 1pm is a fancy dress parade under the theme of 'mardi gras' so that should be interesting. I'm very into jazz but keep that a bit of a secret cos I don't understand it. It's got funny notes that are not right but sound so right! Anyway, glossing over my lack of musical knowledge and understanding....
Us going to the park means...We're taking a DAY OFF!!!!! wohoo!!!
Admittedly we've been up wheeling and dealing since 8am and we're aiming to be at the park for 1pm but whoohooooo!!

We went to the youth group again last night in Aberaman, which we're glad we went to again as we picked up a brilliant idea of a game that we're going to try in kids club on Wednesday. Except for that though the usual leaders were not there so it didn't run quite the same. It was still good though but I think we're going to see if we can go to a different one next week to see what we can pick up from there. We feel as though we've built a few bridges there in Aberaman though that if we had an issue we could call the leaders and ask for advice, so that's really useful.

I can smell BBQ and I wonder if it's coming from the park! ooh! I'd best go get my suncream on and my pretty dress and sun hat (which dus calls a loaf of bread for some reason) so that I can go join the fun!

It's only now I have someone to come with me to said events that I realise how brave I was when I first moved to Wales and went to such events on my own. Some weeks the only people I spoke to in person were the checkout girls (or boys) in shops. Then I found church and they became the only people I spoke to in the week...but I still went and did things on my own and now that I look back at it, I am amazed at the strength God gave me to carry on.